Importance of Video Marketing in Today’s Digital World


  What do we understand by video marketing? Video marketing is the technique of incorporating video content into our marketing channels to attract customers and get their attention to our products or services. Marketing professionals offer video content through their website, social networks and traditional advertising media. Video content can be distributed organically to attract the attention of […]

Why Use Animated Explainer Video for Your Business?


Nowadays we consume video for practically everything. From entertaining ourselves, studying, watching tutorials, or learning a language; Video has become the preferred format for Internet users. Its importance has made it essential in the digital marketing strategies of any business or company. Social networks, the use of mobile devices, Internet accessibility and other factors have made videos […]

How Can AI Help You in Digital Marketing?


  As we already know, AI in digital marketing has revolutionized the way we do, think and develop the different parts of the creative process. It provides new and unique content among many other capabilities. It is capable of generating content quickly and accurately, saving companies time and resources. But what else can you do? Let’s see other applications […]

Digital Marketing For Dentists : Key Things


  Digital Marketing for Dentists : Key Things Digital marketing for dentists is made up of a set of strategies, implemented by different establishments, based on their target audience and the dissemination of the services that the clinic/office offers. In this sense, it is very important to understand how digital marketing works and how it can help […]

6 Digital marketing Strategies For Restaurants in 2023


  6 Digital marketing Strategies For Restaurants in 2023 Digital marketing for restaurants is one of the techniques in the world of marketing focused on promoting products or services related to the world of marketing. Its main objectives can be classified as follows: Increase the online visibility of the business. Attract new customers who want to […]

What Do Social Media Marketers Do? Job Profile


What Do Social Media Marketers Do? Job Profile   Social networks are an increasingly important medium for companies around the world, since they are not only a massive environment through which they can reach a large audience, but they can also use these channels to create links with the audience and retain it. On the […]

6 Digital Marketing Trends For 2023

digital marketing trends on paper

  6 Digital Marketing Trends For 2023 Technology evolves by leaps and bounds while companies and users are added every day to the news in different sectors. Updates, new apps, functionalities to discover… endless advances that mark the course of trends in digital marketing. How do companies face this accelerated digitization? The most adaptive embrace change and […]

6 Key Steps To Invest In Digital Advertising


  6 Key Steps To Invest In Digital Advertising Before making any investment in digital advertising, we must consider some factors such as what our objective will be, what type of message we want to convey, and, above all, what our target audience is that we are going to address with our advertising campaign. In […]