6 Digital Marketing Trends For 2023

Technology evolves by leaps and bounds while companies and users are added every day to the news in different sectors. Updates, new apps, functionalities to discover… endless advances that mark the course of trends in digital marketing.

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How do companies face this accelerated digitization? The most adaptive embrace change and introduce adjustments that allow them to take advantage of it. By riding the wave of new currents, technologies are updated and more successfully incorporated into their form of communication. This is how they manage to achieve the most important objective: to broaden their reach and captivate their audience

But, in order to take advantage of the differentiating potential of disruptions, you first need to know what’s new in each field. Discover the marketing trends for 2023, and don’t be left behind.

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I invite you to read our selection of trends to be aware of this year and implement in your marketing strategy.

1. Personalized marketing strategies

If sales and even product design are customized, taking into account the buyer’s profile and preferences

How can you not do the same with marketing?

Personalized actions are effective when they are based on a well-planned strategy that has put the customer at the center. The objectives are clear: clear up your doubts, cover your needs (pain points), offer quick and close attention, and guarantee immediacy in the service.

Applying segmentation techniques and being able to work based on objective data, although they are not marketing trends for this year, they do constitute the pillars of any marketing plan aimed at success.

2.Short Videos and YouTube Shorts

Audiovisual materials have been taking center stage for some time, and today, the brands with the most followers are betting on short videos. The challenge: capture the user’s attention. In order to overcome it, you have to know how to communicate the message in the first seconds of the video. 

The TikTok platform was already leading this strategy, encouraging this type of content to go directly to the point without detours or extra minutes of recording. Now, one of the marketing trends of 2023 confirms that YouTube, with YouTube Shorts, is following in its footsteps.

With more than thirty billion views registered per day, it comes to positioning the videos in a vertical format of no more than 60 seconds, making it easier to monitor the different advertising initiatives underway.

3. Authenticity in social networks

Honesty, authenticity, and showing things as they define the BeReal trend. This is a good opportunity for companies to establish themselves as they are, take advantage of the opportunity to explain who is part of the team and what their day-to-day is like, and thus show themselves closer to their audience. 

The marketing trend, which has been gaining popularity for a couple of years, continues to be unstoppable.

4. Inclusive advertising

Consumers of social networks seek to break stereotypes and express, on every occasion, the need to see themselves represented. The creatives have to echo this request. Advertising will only continue to work if it can faithfully reflect the buyer persona and its environment.

In order to get it right, it is necessary to do a previous job of data collection, research, and analysis, which facilitates a thorough understanding of you and being one step ahead of your wishes.

5.Joint work between the marketing and sales department 

Does the term Smarketing sound familiar to you? Exactly, it is the word that is used to define this collaboration without barriers in the areas of sales (sales, in English) and marketing.

Bearing in mind that these are two functions of the company that works based on data, the technological choice of the tools that will make this cooperation and the generation of synergies is particularly relevant. It is very important to have a good CRM for information management.

6.Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and metaverse 

The disruption in digital marketing trends for 2023 has its own name: metaverse. While virtual reality and AI-powered innovations in different variants continue to gain relevance, the greatest expectations are focused on this new connected virtual world.

Online ARCore Geospatial is a development platform powered by augmented reality that allows you to create immersive experiences that seamlessly blend the digital and physical worlds. Each location can be associated with an experience that multiple people can share over time on many different devices.

Offline experiences are also transformed. With the boom in e-commerce and online shopping, physical stores are facing the great challenge of being sufficiently attractive and generating an extraordinary experiences for those who visit them. What is the most effective way to achieve it? Using virtual reality and immersive experiences to activate all the senses. Can you imagine a better differentiating attribute for stores?

Finally, it is worth mentioning the ChatGPT, which exploits the potential of artificial intelligence and combines it with the value of hundreds of trillions of existing knowledge assets online to put in our hands the most powerful tool known to date for the generation of content.

Topics that are still on the table for this 2023

Although we will take into account the news to propose the strategy and priorities for this year, we must not leave aside some issues that will continue to be very latent, such as the configurations and functionalities of Google Analytics 4, data privacy, and cookies, among others.

User privacy and data use

It is mandatory to remain updated to guarantee compliance with each of our marketing actions. Two issues to pay special attention to are, on the one hand, the use of cookies and, on the other, the definition and accessibility of privacy policies.

Google Analytics 4

Get on board before July 2023, as Google announced that standard Universal Analytics properties would stop processing data on that date. It is as simple as formalizing the information collection configuration process or incorporating the Google Analytics 4 option into a Universal Analytics site or CMS.

Frequency of social media posts


Every channel has its audience, and every audience is defined by its unique hours and preferences. To get your social media posts right, you cannot generalize. Take note of the best days of the week, times, and frequencies to publish content on the different social media :

Is this list of marketing trends for the 2023 final?

Although we cannot be 100% sure of what the future will bring us, for now, it is important to take note of these new currents and evaluate which ones can support the objectives set for the brand in the coming months.

But keep in mind that this is not enough. Digital marketing services does not stop evolving, and therefore, it is necessary to keep an eye on changes, novelties, and disruptions.

If you want to know more about sales trends for 2023, I recommend reading this article on the subject.

Tell us in the comments what will be the focus of your strategy for this year!

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