What do we understand by video marketing?video marketing

Video marketing is the technique of incorporating video content into our marketing channels to attract customers and get their attention to our products or services.

Marketing professionals offer video content through their website, social networks and traditional advertising media. Video content can be distributed organically to attract the attention of active customers or through paid media to attract new potential customers.

With the tools available today, video marketing  is within the reach of any budget, however, it is important to know well the different uses for each type of video content that can be created.

Fifteen years ago, video marketing was limited to advertisements in cinema or television, but today there are countless platforms that accept it, from TikTok to YouTube, and it is used for different and varied objectives.

Types of videos

1- Educational Videos

Educational videos are used to show viewers how to carry out any task related to their daily work or industry.

These types of videos are very useful for attracting customers because they provide more value to customers than a simple advertisement for your product and solution.

For example, a video showing how to carry out a daily task for your target audience will be useful and will place your brand as an expert in your client’s mind, before you send them a commercial offer.

2- Informative Explainer Videos

Informative videos bring your audience relevant data or news about their sector, leaving aside the explanation of specific cases of use of your products or solutions.

These types of videos reinforce confidence in your knowledge of the sector and this is important to later be able to offer your products.

3- Product Promotional Videos

A product video talks about a product or solution and works like a traditional advertisement. Show what features it offers and how it can help your customer. In addition, they contain an introduction to the brand, to explain why they can trust us. Product videos are ideal for paid marketing because they show a relevant audience why your product is the right solution for their specific needs.

4- Brand videos

Brand videos showcase a company’s culture and values. These videos often have messages similar to a company’s “About” page or its mission statement.

For example, we can show how our brand cares about the environment or diversity.

5-Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video features a customer explaining why they like and use your product or solution. You can record and publish this content yourself or upload it as user-generated content.

User-generated content is not always positive. Sometimes customers give negative reviews. These cases can be used as an opportunity to comment on the video and resolve the issues raised.

Take advantage and share contact information so they can follow up with you about their problems. specializes in creating animated explainer videos, and Spokesperson videos for the purposes given above, at a very affordable price.

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