Nowadays we consume video for practically everything. From entertaining ourselves, studying, watching tutorials, or learning a language; Video has become the preferred format for Internet users. Its importance has made it essential in the digital marketing strategies of any business or company.


Social networks, the use of mobile devices, Internet accessibility and other factors have made videos within the reach of any business. You no longer need expensive equipment or a high budget, you just have to have your cell phone camera, a microphone, a lot of creativity, and the desire to do things well.

If you still don’t have an explanatory video for your product or service, what are you waiting for? Let me tell you that you are losing clients and with it money, since a video explainer is an excellent tool to increase your client base.

But what is an explanatory video?

The explainer video, also known as a whiteboard video, is a video created with personalized animation that also includes voice-over, music, and moving text and whose objective is to explain a given topic in a simple and entertaining way.

Let’s explore how animated explainer videos can help your business:

1. If you have a product or service that is difficult to present, personalized animation allows you to easily and in a very educational way explain what it is that you are trying to sell to your client.

2. And if you have a large catalog with products or services that might seem similar, with an explanatory video you can clear up your prospects’ doubts, as you can show them in a practical way and with examples how each one works.

3. Explainer videos are also of great help to explain how to assemble products, put them into operation or know how a service works.

4. Explanatory videos also allow you to resolve the most common doubts of your clients or prospects through an animation that answers the frequently asked questions that your customer service normally answers. In this way, by having a video that explains all these recurring doubts, you will prevent your employees from spending a lot of their time always solving the same questions.

5.whiteboard video is very helpful when you have a website that has special features for your client to use, for example, if you want to explain to your clients how to generate their invoices, how to place orders without complications, etc.  These types of animated videos are especially useful when you have a website that provides services that the user must self-manage.

6. Another important advantage of having an explanatory video is that they are a great tool for your sales force, as it is concrete, dynamic, easy to understand and entertaining. Thus, your prospects will easily understand what your services or products consist of and that saves you long hours of convincing through salespeople.

We create personalized explainer videos. Contact us and we will offer you advice to develop your company’s so that your products have the best presentation that a personalized animation video can give.

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