6 Key Steps To Invest In Digital Advertising


Before making any investment in digital advertising, we must consider some factors such as what our objective will be, what type of message we want to convey, and, above all, what our target audience is that we are going to address with our advertising campaign.

In addition to this, we will need  steps with which the path to follow is traced to do advertisements in the different digital channels. Let’s see what they are:

1. Define the Buyer Persona you will focus in your campaign

This should always be the primary step in carrying out any advertising and digital marketing strategy: define your target audience.

If we don’t know who our target audience is, then any advertising effort we make will be in vain. That is why a Buyer Persona is  important to win over the right people at the ideal time and in the ideal channel.

2. Determine the objective of your advertising campaign.

Without an objective, we can hardly know what to aim for. We should be very clear about our objective that we want to achieve, and for that, it is essential to analyze the array of actions that digital advertising offers us on its different platforms.

From generating a great reach and brand recognition, to working on customer retention and loyalty. In such a case, we recommend taking into account various stages of the buyer’s journey and, from there, start defining goals to be achieved for each of them.

3. Choose the advertising platform according to your goal

The benefits of online advertisements have enabled us to have several advertising platforms to choose from. Each of these has multiple formats, options,  actions, and objectives that we can achieve.

An important thing here is to know where our Buyer Persona is because it is this person that we want to reach with our advertisements.

4. Set the budget

For many companies, investment in digital advertising is still a “non-essential secondary investment.” But the truth is that online advertising has come to occupy a essential place in the marketing strategy and profitability of any firm or agency.

So, to begin with, we recommend to set a right budget in which the minimum viable amount to pay per day is well established. Then, we must analyze carefully  the behavior that the audience is having with our ads to verify their profitability and, thus,  consider the possibility of increasing the budget invested.

5. Create the campaign and banner ads

The advertising campaign can normally include several kinds of ads. So we must always expand our options, diversify our message and analyze those ads  that are performing better.

It is also important to emphasize that the campaigns we run must have a clear defiend goal and, without a doubt, respond to some needs that our target audience has.

6. Periodically measure and analyze your results

Finally, like a digital marketing company, one must analyze and measure the results from each of the campaigns launched. It is worth mentioning that the measurement and analysis process is facilitated by various  analysis tools that have ads platforms, such as Google Ads with Google Analytics or Facebook Ads with Ads Manager.

In the last stage, what we recommend is that we carry out the analysis procedures regularly so that, each ad campaign is improved and optimized.

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